Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Prefabrication & Automation Workshop Day
Monday July 26

10:30 am Workshop A: Identifying Opportunities for Automation to Improve Productivity & Efficiency

  • Rory Abbazio Director of Data, Suffolk Construction
  • Ryan Salvas Director of Technology Transformation, Suffolk Construction


• Benchmarking opportunities for automation from office to field to help alleviate manual tasks, streamline workflows and improve proactive decision making • Mapping out the end-to-end workflow of building automated scripts into existing workflows: What are some of the challenges to be looking out for? • Building out the right guidance and procedures to help teams embrace automation to improve productivity quickly and easily

12:00 pm Break

1:00 pm Workshop B: Setting Up For Success With Prefabrication: How Can You Improve Collaboration Up Front to Open up Doors to More Offsite Construction?


• Securing full team buy-in and creating a collaborative culture of common goals to explore opportunities for prefabrication and understanding what is required of each stakeholder for success
• Establishing collaborative tools and workflows to integrate subcontractors into the design process and streamline handoffs from design to fabrication
• Benchmarking the best tools available to streamline coordination between project teams and simplify handovers

2:00 pm Workshop C: Streamlining Data Extraction From Design Documentation to More Quickly & Easily Create Prefabrication Level Drawings

  • Jacob D’Albora Director of BIM-FM Services, McVeigh & Mangum Engineering Inc


• Understanding the level of design detail required in models for prefabrication: What is the right information A&E firms must provide to trade partners earlier to ease model development?
• Identifying software and add-ons that can streamline the conversion of models to a 1:1 geometry for automation of production machinery and how this workflow connects from design all the way to output
• Harnessing models and drawings produced for prefabrication to inform field teams of the prefab process and installation requirements of each component

3:00 pm Break

4:00 pm Workshop D: Improving Production Tracking with a Robust Procurement System to Manage Inventory & Prevent Project Delays

  • Jeff Elwell Director of Innovation and Technology, EM Duggan


• Establishing a system to track products throughout the fabrication process using QR codes, RFID tags and scanners to maintain transparency over production progress across the entire team
• Collating data from material approvals and arrivals into a single file so that project teams ensure realtime insight for all stakeholders on the whereabouts of products
• Exploring how production tracking and predictive analytics tools can improve product quality, forecast risks and ensure products are installed correctly

5:00 pm End of Workshop Day